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Journey As a Family

This morning we left on a journey. Our first real vacation as a family! I can’t describe how much joy I have to go away as a family…our family! God just amazes me sometimes.

So we packed up our van full…to the brim! (Without the ‘turtle shell’ on the top!) And we headed off. We’re presently in Southern Virginia (Emporia to be exact) We drove almost 5 hours of the 8.5 hour trip! We stopped here, had some dinner and swam a little and are calling it a night. Tomorrow after some breakfast-who knows, maybe even another swim-we’ll go again.

The boys were okay at first..sure we can do this! Of course that changed after a very shortened morning nap….now we’re grumpy AND hungry! So a picnic somewhere in Virginia…seemed right. We taught the boys about my families’ tradition of ‘breaded chicken’ and a picnic lunch. They were happy just eating and playing away! The second leg of this journey wasn’t as pretty as the first….a little more saddness but another nap to the rescue!

The Ride Is Long...But We Can Endure (Brenden sleeping)

We Aren't There Yet...Guess I'll Sleep (Kaiden relaxed)

Guess it wasn’t so bad for the boys!! We are LOVING this time together. All the fun we’ll have is just mind-boggling! I couldn’t be more thankful for the most perfect gift in the world.


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