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Don’t Shoot The Messenger…

I just want you to consider this…

If I EVER see my child’s ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER on Facebook SHOOTING A GUN…I would be highly concerned. More than enough reason for me to wish people didn’t use FB so recklessly. So, just recently, I’d say within the past year, I have seen it twice and both times I’m very concerned for what that says about our society. It is sad. It bothers me, and I’m probably crazy but I’d surely wish to not expose my elementary aged children to their teacher shooting a gun.

I’m not against people having the guns and practicing shooting–I am against that message for young children!!

Am I nuts? Probably. Am I a little more protective? Probably. But I’m just wishing that people would be more thoughtful with what they think others should see about their personal life.

<<Stepped off soap box for tonight>>


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