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A Trip Down….Memory Lane

What a vacation!! We’re just getting into home routines again and already thinking of all the wonderful memories of our very first full out family vacation! It was everything we could have imagined and it was beautiful. Truly a gift!

We drove down to Emporia, Va the first evening, stayed overnight in a hotel. The next morning, after breakfast, we got ready and headed to Holden Beach, NC. It was a hot day and it made the stop at the rest stop for lunch just that much more difficult. Of course, Kaiden & Brenden were off and ready to walk the entire rest area. They loved it!

Daddy & Sons Walking at Rest Stop (North Carolina)

All Packed In...And Ready To Arrive

As you can see, we fit ourselves back into the van and continued the last bit of the trip. Traffic gathered as we neared the beach area but shortly we were crossing the bridge onto Holden Beach. Holden Beach was significant for our trip, as our one friend’s family had lived on the island for some time and they had vacationed there often. It was special that she was able to share that part of her life with us. And we all were so thankful to have experienced a week on such a beautiful island.

We stayed at ‘Ship Ahoy’. Once inside this gorgeous house, we found the home owners were from our home state, not too far from where I grew up. They had a beautiful and spacious home. It was fitting for our group and it made living together so easy and comfortable! Kaiden & Brenden explored the house well and had found lots of new things to play with.

'Ship Ahoy' Beach Home (Holden Beach, NC)

It wasn’t long before we were out at the beach!! Showing the boys the ocean for the first time was incredible. I felt like I wanted to hire a photographer for this moment because it was like nothing else we had ever experienced. What a blessing!! Both Kaiden and Brenden couldn’t take their eyes off the beautiful sea and all the noises and smells that came with it. They were enthralled by all that surrounded them. Getting them out of the wagon and onto the sand was just wonderful! They were hesitant about touching the water but were soon laughing as the waves came in and Mommy and Daddy helped them ‘jump’ the waves!

Kaiden sees ocean for the first time

Brenden jumping the waves for the first time

"The Girls"

Sarah Looking Into The Water

You can see, life sure is special! Our time at the beach started off so amazingly! We were so blessed with two very safe and wonderful drivers and a week full of time to make memories that would fill us for a lifetime! To Be Continued…


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