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It Can Only Get Better

The week together in Holden Beach was amazing and perfect just for us. It was a time away from (almost all) technology and it was a time to focus on family, friendships, peace and quiet and laughing! We probably burned enough calories laughing every day, it brought us back to center.

I must admit that I’m terribly behind in editing the vacation photos. I’m sadly still on July17 and haven’t progressed much farther into the trip. I will get there, I do promise.  As daunting of the task is that lie ahead of me, I am enjoying the moments editing the photos. I love reliving those memories of the beach and smiling when I see my sons doing something cute or just enjoying the moments of our vacation. So, while the handful of people who read my blog wait for pictures of this trip I’ve boasted about now for a few posts, I’m savoring each minute of the vacation STILL.

After the vacation pictures and stories are finished, I will be doing a series of posts on some of my projects I’ve attempted here recently. Just in case you were excited for something new! 🙂

God Bless you and remember to savor each moment – for there is true beauty in everything.


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