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A Bench Fix, Finally!

Grab some coffee…this may be a long one!

When we purchased our new dining room table and chairs in 2009, we were one chair short. It was why the table and chairs were cheaper than we anticipated! Well, since we had to get a table and chairs and were without a ton of money…we purchased this table with the grand idea of making a bench for the one side to compensate for the lack of chair! It sounded fabulous and the most ideal with the reality of our children’s arrival shortly!

My father created a wonderful bench to compliment our table and viola…PERFECTION! Except one small detail….how in the world were we going to match this color table and chairs match with the bench?!!! OOPS. Well, I’ve been the owner of a beautiful bench now for almost one year and it has been this strangely odd black color with lots of chips and nicks on it. Not exactly dining in luxury here. Our fine dining experience at Shea Coleman was taken down a few notches with the sight of this not as beautiful bench with a nice dining table!

After much worry about color matching and other worries as I begin a large undertaking…we just dove in! Why not, it can’t get worse than the way it presently looks….

Our Black sanded down for a 'new' look!

First, I gathered up all my ‘scattered’ supplies and made a work space in our garage!

I sanded away! Afterwards, I cleaned off the bench, washed it and let it dry.
I applied the first coat of stain….

As you can see, I wasn’t all that thrilled with the ‘marks’ on the bench that didn’t get covered. I was really hoping and praying that Coat #2 of the stain would cover that all up so that it wouldn’t look as awful next to the table.

Here is Coat #2…

While it isn’t 100% like you would find it new in the store, it really cost me next to nothing.
I had all the supplies on hand and it was just a great solution to the dining room fix. I have great plans for our hutch and potato/onion bin too! Stay tuned!


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