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I Just Became One of “Those”…

Nothing Like A Great Bargain

Today At Target..I struck GOLD! I purchased the toys, hair color, and soap for $15.10. It was worth $71.20! That’s awesome?! I really went to Target for Diapers and Milk….the only two NON-Sale items. Of course I had coupons for the diapers saving $6 on the boxes. But I’ll break down what I got.

I purchased:

2 shovels/sand rakes for $0.48 each (Regularly $1.99 each)
a double pack of kites (Transformers & G.I. Joe) for $1.24 for the double pack (Regularly $4.99 each)
2 Animal Shovels for $1.04 each (Regularly $4.19 each)
2 Large bouncy/spikey balls for $1.74 each (Regularly $6.99 each)
2 Small foam balls for $0.74 each (Regularly $2.99 each)
2 Automatic Bubble Critters for $2.48 each (Regularly $9.99 each)
2 Large Bubble wands for $0.48 each (Regularly $1.99 each)
2 Johnson’s Buddy Bars of Soap..they paid me $.06 to purchase them both (Regularly $0.97 each)
1 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Dye for FREE (Regularly $7.99)

I had over $15 in coupons for my transaction of diapers, hair dye, and soap. I was so excited!

Picture this, I went in with my double stroller and reusable grocery bags and my coupon binder. I envisioned purchasing one case of diapers and one gallon of milk and a few very small health and beauty items..all would fit under the bottom of my stroller–well not the diapers-but I would get them last and go right to the registers! Well, my wandering self wandered towards baby items and saw a lady with a HUGE massive cart of toys all with the infamous RED TARGET CLEARANCE STICKERS! I quickly took my double stroller back to toys and COULDN’T STOP! I was overflowing the bottom of the stroller and found two more items. So there I am, pushing a red Target cart through the store with my long double stroller. It was a sight. I’m envisioning the security camera people rolling on the floor laughing at me doing this throughout the store. I was a sight. I was effective – but I was a sight! I’m thinking I wanted 2 other things I saw for gifts and may have to do this again this afternoon when my husband comes home.

You’re probably thinking-what am I doing with all these ‘toys’ and items…some of which are way too old for your 1 year olds…. I’m going to use them for Birthday gifts for next year for the boys and future Christmas gifts. I have their Christmas almost done for this year, so I am preparing the birthday for next June! I also have two nephews and a little brother whom I’m always looking out for cool items for. I found some things for them the other trip to Target this week. I am beginning to really pile up the Christmas and Birthday Gifts now!!!! šŸ™‚

But, the reason for the one of ‘those’ comment..was that, I was the lady in the store today with the COUPONS and trouble at the register. The very kind and helpful cashier forgot my coupons and I paid awhile…and right as I finished my keypad I saw the pile of coupons and was so SAD to have messed up. So one by one the lady had to take them off my receipt–pulling out the money after each transaction. It was somewhat difficult for her – and she must have apologized about 8 times-but she was so kind and so helpful. I usually get grumpy Customer Service Managers and I end up feeling almost embarrassed for using my coupons LEGALLY! But nonetheless, it was just an additional 3-5 minutes and she handed me $15.50 in coupons. (The equivalent of the toys I purchased…so pretty much those were ‘free’ to me because of my coupon savings!)

Isn’t coupon-ing a ton of fun??! I think so!


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