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Let’s Hear It For Monday….

Another new week!! They go by quicker and quicker anymore!

We’re in August…which I still can’t believe….and we’re moving so fast!

So here I am….ready to tackle the blog and without inspiration. I need to fix the header and make this more ‘mine’ instead of very cookie-cutter. Yet, for some reason, I can’t organize this just to the perfect liking. I wish I did better with web design! Oh I can dream.

I have lots of lofty goals for the week. My first is to clean my entire house and I mean a good clean! We’ll see how far that goes, but I’m excited and hopeful and relieved to find the bottom of the piles! I have a dining room table – it is clean and looks so pretty. Why don’t I see that more often? I even spruced up the table with three very bright/summery cloths and it looks really happy and cheerful!!

I also intend to finish that neverending laundry basket for the first time in a while. I haven’t really ever finished catching up over vacation–that’s what happens when you do the laundry one load at a time instead of all at once; you never feel like you are catching up!

My two biggest goals, as if the first two were so minor, is to refinish our hutch and can tomatoes. Lovely ideas and a great way to finish the week. I would love to look up from my computer to see a very beautiful two-toned hutch. I am also going to make tomato sauce for the first time since I was a child. I am getting bushels of tomatoes and have my canner, jars and everything prepared! I am awfully excited for the first time in my life to have real fresh tomato sauce and for it to be YUMMY! I’m tired of canned ‘fake’ sauce as I call it. Among all the projects I am planning to SOAK UP all the fun and play my boys will allow me too. I couldn’t imagine a day without that play and hugging and the laughs – what would I really be?!

What are you working on for the week?


One response to “Let’s Hear It For Monday….

  1. Charlotte Griffith August 28, 2010 at 22:51

    A house with children in it is so “alive!” Sometimes I look in a room, and just remember when I had two little ones, and think of how that room looked with them in it! The time goes by so quickly, and now it seems like another lifetime–which I guess it almost is! I’m glad you are savoring all the special moments with your little guys, as well as storing up memories. I love this blog and the peek it gives me, not only to what is going on at your house, but how you are feeling about it. I think that is the biggest difference between a blog and FB post–and I love the blog format.

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