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Never Too Little To Giggle

I’m sure that ‘Mel’ would love the title of this post but I can’t help but think that today as we venture on another day together! I always wake my little boys up with kisses and snuggles, just part of our fun. Well this morning, I was nervous to try that without Daddy nearby in case one little daredevil wanted to leave the bed. So I brought snuggles to their room! We had blankets galore and pillows and just hugged and laughed like it was the only thing we had to do today.

It started me off in the ‘right mood’ as you could say. I laughed, talked, hugged and just enjoyed that almost 30 minutes!!It was hard to believe that it was almost 30 minutes before I even realized it! Those moment were the most meaningful minutes I’ve had in a while. I’ve been sort of in a ‘funk’ and this morning helped to re-invigorate my spirit into what I was longing for again. So many ‘adult’ stressors have been dragging me down…you know, bills, cleaning, cooking, appointments, etc….and I couldn’t really enjoy what gifts I do have right with me each and every day. I get two little boys to love and hug and kiss (for as long as they will let me!) and I have everything I need.

God planted that moment this morning, and I can’t help but be ever so thankful for it! It was just what I needed to remember. You are never too little to giggle….and my boys are my inspiration!

With good love and cheer to you-hoping you find a little joy, love and peace this day-


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