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Magic Hour: Summer Reading

I stayed up until almost 1a.m. this morning finishing my FIRST summer book! I know…I know you are thinking I’m probably the slowest reader. It really isn’t that – I haven’t sat down long enough to get into a book and then when I did with this one, I misplaced it in the piles that returned to us after vacation.

So, I started Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah while on vacation to North Carolina. Nothing was more awesome than reading on vacation–except I was doing this all vacation…

So needless to say I was exercising, just not reading!

But this book was phenomenal and I can’t help but wish I was still in the midst of the ‘world’ with Julie, Alice, Elle, Max, and all the locals.

The book starts off with a strange setting and I’m confused but I held on because my mother gave me an awesome little snippit of the story. The characters are so well thought through and I’m sure researched. Kristin Hannah must do a lot of research and specifically on ‘wild children’ for this story. She has developed the character of Alice so well I could sometimes just feel the things she was going through and ‘discovering’. The woven relationships were, in true Kristin Hannah style, beautiful!

The ending. I was ready for the tear-jerker ending. I’m a truly ‘sappy’ woman and was prepared to have a little heartache from the ending of the story and the twists and turns had me going well. I must say, I had to re-read the last few pages about 3 times…it was 1a.m. (and my brain was already shut off) so I was confused on how that happened. But it was worth the read. It tugged my heart, it made me smile and it was just a pleasant read!

Go to your local library today, ask a friend to borrow it, or just purchase the book! I promise, it was a great story.


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