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A neat blog I follow, Adventures in Babywearing, inspired me to take more photos!!!

Steph, does a neat post each first day of the month, she takes photos of her four beautiful children together. I think that’s just awesome for memories sake, for the bond of doing something together and for just the beauty of her photography skills.

Since I’m the mother of  two very active little handsome boys, I’m going to ‘mimic’ her ONE and do the second day of every month…our boys pictured together!

So without making you wait any longer, our first official ‘TWO’


Here is what we do together…sometimes we sit in our toy bins….and peek into each others and laugh and giggle! Days together are the best!

You never know how relaxing it is for Brenden! He’s always enjoying sitting in something just thinking! Must be where he thinks of all his new ‘antics’ for the day. And Kaiden-he has to get in and out of the bin (or box) several times consecutively-mainly because it is the fun part climbing in and out and turning it upside down!



3 responses to “SeptemberTWO

  1. Sarah September 7, 2010 at 17:33

    I love this idea! 🙂

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