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Thankful Thursday

Well, I unfortunately don’t have an image for today’s post! Several times over the last two days I thought, ‘this would make an amazing photo’ but instead I savored those moments.

So today, I savor the thankful moments in my head…

** the extra snuggles I had with B yesterday until 8:30a.m.
(I had B away from K yesterday)

** playing peek a boo with K this morning while he giggled like crazy

** the extra smiles, laughs, and joys we’ve shared

** bouncing our ‘new ball’ all throughout the house!!

We could definitely go on on and on because there were so many moments I wanted to capture but just enjoyed them for what they were instead of trying to make a ‘scrapbook’.

I hope today you find those simple joys and share them with those you love. I wouldn’t trade this all for the world. As a friend of mine says ‘these are the moments I was waiting for!’


One response to “Thankful Thursday

  1. Charlotte Griffith September 9, 2010 at 19:13

    I enyoed the visual images in my mind as I read your words. I’m so glad you are cherishing this moments, and that you take time to share them.

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