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We Once Had A Hutch…

I had a hutch….one day…that was the lightest color oak and a beautiful dining room that was dark dark dark brown!  I have been determined to make the hutch match the light color in our kitchen cabinets and the darkness of our dining room table!

This my former hutch:

It was beautiful? Why would someone want to ruin it?! I’m just living on the wildside, I guess!! 🙂 Anyway, after many hours of prayer and worry, I dove in. Nothing was going to stop me!

I was nervous, I can’t lie to you! I was most worried about stripping the piece of furniture. What was the stripper going to do? Was it going to ruin the wood? Every person I spoke with told me either a horror story, or a false representation of what would happen! So with a decreasing amount of excitement, we just tried it. Here is what happend:

I gathered up some supplies…

The bottom piece has been stripped…

And then the top was completely stripped!

The stripper was relatively painless. It worked so well, the stain came off very easily and in less time than you can imagine, the piece was set up and ready to be ‘dried’ The next morning I was ready….

It took two coats of black paint and one coat of red/bombay stain to help add a little red tint to the wood. I took a clear polyurethane to the light brown pieces and I was left with…

This piece looks amazing in our dining room! I’m so pleased at the finished project. I do know that there are no two door knobs on my drawers. I need to get a different kind of screw for those! 🙂 My littlest helpers were amazed at the return of the hutch!!!

I’m thankful for the completion of this project. It has been the #1 item on the ‘to do list’ for the last two months!!!!! Finally a completed item!


One response to “We Once Had A Hutch…

  1. Sarah September 27, 2010 at 17:26

    Wow, Niki! What a difference. It looks BEAUTIFUL! You sure did do an amazing job. 🙂

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