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And The Award Goes To

This post will totally NOT win me ‘Pastor’s Wife Of The Year’, but I couldn’t help but be bothered by this for some time now!

It isn’t a secret-well it is to some of you, but my husband is a United Methodist Minister. By default, my other ‘job’ is Pastor’s Wife! I have really come to love the ‘job’ and to grow a lot from each set of church families that we get to love and grow with! The position of Pastor’s Wife/Spouse is a very interesting and delicate one. To some it means I’m an extended part of the staff of the church and to others it means that I’m married to the Pastor and well, how I work in the church is as a volunteer like themselves. I digress though, I’ve really seen and heard some interesting things in my time as the wife of the Pastor and today I think I’ll ‘chat’ about one!

I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church so United Methodism is a baby to me or I’m one to it – but either way, I’m a ‘newbie’. I’ve been UM for about 7 years now – and that’s long enough to know some things and still able to use the ‘I don’t know all there is to know yet’ line as well. I enjoy the more open mindedness of some United Methodists (as there are in all denominations and faith traditions). For me, I find the most growth, spiritual connections and relevance to my life in the moments and experiences that allow you to take faith into action. This means welcoming those who don’t worship usually, not judging but worshiping and working together; it also means being conscientious about how a person who doesn’t know your particular views/ways/beliefs may feel and being sure to leave the attitude of ‘conversion’ out of things!

Well, one particular area that has been on my mind is the whole connection between religious persons and the fear of Halloween. I don’t know quite grasp how it works with offending some, but I’m very confident in my beliefs in God and yet I still enjoy a good Halloween party or a Fall Festival or even dressing up in costumes (more for my children now-hahaha). I’m sure you may have already ‘gasped’ and think, “WOW-something is wrong with this lady!” But come on, to me they aren’t related. I don’t find myself worshiping differently because I may participate in Halloween activities. I don’t worship anyone other than God no matter what. I’m not endangering the lives of anyone or acting in a way that is ‘UnChristian’ and yet for some reason you get the occasional – ‘Are you really celebrating Halloween?’ I do. There, I said it. And to make it even more interesting, my children can participate in Halloween too!!! {GASP} I don’t want them participating in the rebellious acts of Halloween but a costume doesn’t take away from their relationship with Jesus or change how they live out their faith. So, after the rambles that I could go on about – I’m sorry if my beliefs don’t make me the perfect image of a Pastor’s Wife – or of a great Christian. Halloween and Christianity aren’t in the same influential ring together for me.

I am aware of why some people become concerned with celebrating Halloween – but to me the innocence of a costume, candy, a party and even some decorations aren’t quite the same thing. You are 100% entitled to feel differently and we can still live, love and be in relationship together. That’s the beauty of this world. I don’t look down upon someone for a different opinion and I hope you can see past these ‘thoughts’ of mine to avoid thinking one view is more ‘correct’ than another. We’re entrusted here to love one another…I can do that while not sharing the exact views as you….and as Andy Andrews says, “If we were all 100% the same, we would be unnecessary!”


2 responses to “And The Award Goes To

  1. Julie September 30, 2010 at 10:29

    I struggle with the Halloween thing, too. I have memories of choosing costumes and trick or treating, and they don’t seem like bad activities — unless you consider all the sugar.
    I think much of the argument against Halloween is that it began as a pagan holiday, and many of the activities and decorations associated with it are “unChristian”: witches, devils, demons, evil spirits. And the celebration that used to be about cute costumes and pumpkins is now filled with blood and gore. (Just look at any mainstream Martha Stewart-type magazine to find directions for blood punch with dismembered body parts floating in it.)
    I wish I could remember the source, but I once heard a speaker ask if we as Christians should be celebrating a day that glorifies fear, death, and deception.

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