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Sewing For The Fun of It

This past week I was perusing the fabric store and just fell in love with so many new pieces! I love scouring the remnant bins. I have found myself some great pieces for very cheap!! It is those moments I cannot help myself. I did limit myself to four pieces, I figured I was purchasing enough!!! 🙂

I’m about to venture – I use ‘about’ pretty loosely – but I’m about to venture on a crafts bonanza! I’m just about finished making myself a nice crafting space and then I’m going to ENJOY it!! I have lots of gift ideas and lots of sewing for the fun of it! Who knows where it will lead me but I sure know that I am happy about having a space of my own soon!!

My poor patient husband and children really don’t mind the piles thrown around while I organize the room for the easiest work space (in the smallest work space ever known to a craft-a-holic!)

What kinds of things do you find joy in on a rainy day? What makes you smile a little more?


One response to “Sewing For The Fun of It

  1. Charlotte Griffith September 29, 2010 at 15:11

    What makes me smile is picturing you in a little space with craft items around you, and two little boys peeking in–and behind them, their Daddy smiling proudly at you and his little guys!

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