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Savoring Each Moment

This past weekend was AMAZING! And we took each moment and sucked in all the sunshine, fun, laughs, and outdoor stuff we could get together! We already had busy schedules so we found lots of times to be outside.

I’ll be honest though-I only took pictures one of the times we were outside. I couldn’t stand being behind the camera any longer! It was time to sit down in the cool grass and enjoy the laugh of my kids.

Fall has arrived! (Almost ready to change colors!)

Kaiden couldn’t put that ball down all afternoon!

Brenden loves the car! It makes him so happy to ‘drive the wheel’

Kaiden and his favorite toy EVER!

Here is my little driver!

There is always something to build, scoop and splash!

Sifting, digging and playing!

I imagine that fall activities are some of the most fun times for me and I’m loving showing my children all the joys that we have in the world in sometimes the simplest of things! For we should always be grateful for all the abundance we do have!


2 responses to “Savoring Each Moment

  1. Sarah October 14, 2010 at 18:50

    Amazingly cute pictures! I miss all of you guys!

    • NMC October 14, 2010 at 19:48

      I’m so thankful you look at my blog-lol. I think between you and Aunt Charlotte-those are my only visitors! 🙂 I have a TON of new ones from the Pumpkin patch I went to this past week. I’m excited to post them! 🙂

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