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The Disappointments

The disappointments mount lately…. I cannot escape them and I’m buried alive under them all. For I’ve tried so be patient and wait upon the Lord but my patience, my love and my passion is slowly fading and I fear that I’m going to throw in the towel soon.

I’m being evasive…. on purpose. I’m protecting my heart – the beaten and battered heart that is losing itself every day!

I pray lately so heartily – knowing that we serve such a gracious God and I’m lost. I’m lost and cannot find the strength to help those around me and now that they need that I’m even more worried and fearful that it is something I need to do – knowing full well it is only our Great Healer that help us all.

In the midst of the sadness, chaos, hurt feelings, and loneliness the most amazing four ladies tapped on my door this evening. My hair was beyond a disaster, the house was messy, my kids were tired, and I was about as ‘spent’ as I could have been.  And somehow that little tapping was almost like a relief. Like God knew I didn’t have much more so he sent them for Him! They brought food-I don’t think I ate a meal yet today and they played with my boys for about 20 minutes and then shared stories in the way friends always do – and it was right with my soul for about an hour and a half! It was right.

I have been working hard to embrace those moments and let the others go-far far from my memory and I cannot seem to get it to do that so easily. Oh well – life is full of disappointments….you just have to learn to flow through them with Grace and Humility!

My most random post ever….COMPLETE.


2 responses to “The Disappointments

  1. Charlotte Griffith October 18, 2010 at 00:12

    Niki, there is so much that is not said in your letter. I’m so glad your friends showed up and gave you some TLC and reprieve from caring for the boys. I wish I could do that for you. I had what I call a “cloud day” on the 17th, too. Everything felt overwhelming and impossible, and I couldn’t seem to get anything accomplished–start something, decide something else needed to be done first, but before I got that done…. And I don’t have two little boys wanting my attention! Today when I woke up, I knew the cloud was gone and I had a good day. Hope that was the case for you, too! “This, too shall pass.”

  2. Sarah October 19, 2010 at 20:40

    Glad to help even if just for a little while. I’m only 24 minutes away – call whenever you need a break from reality! And I will never say no to playing with the boys! 🙂

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