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Can We Cook Together?

Recently my littlest brother turned 5. YES FIVE! Where did five years go already?! Anyway, I was super excited to do something a little more personal, with a little more meaning!

What do I enjoy doing? COOKING! So, I thought I’d share something I enjoy with someone I love!!

Finding the right moments, with the right time and right everything is always important. I had spent probably 2 hours finding the right pattern for an apron and even the right fabrics that would best suite the recipient as well as make this a project with meaning. Often times I spend more time on this part than anything else -but it always seems worth it.

I really wished I had the chance to be there for the party and to see him open the gift. While it wasn’t a shiny truck with bells and whistles, one day it may have a meaning. I wasn’t going for the ‘most popular’ gift–I realized that! I mean what 5 year old wants their sister to make them something? But I had to make him something-it was on my heart to put the time, effort and thought into this particular gift.

Mission accomplished: one reversible-personal apron! I was going to attempt the chef hat with it-maybe one day soon! I have all the supplies to make the adjustable piece-that I thought might be fun! I love sewing!!!!!


2 responses to “Can We Cook Together?

  1. sarah October 26, 2010 at 18:44

    What a cute idea! You’re full of them – cuteness and ideas! 😉

  2. Julie October 28, 2010 at 20:30

    Your littlest brother really does like the apron. (And I appreciate that it doesn’t have whistles.) He’s been playing outside more than tackling baking projects, but that gift will get a lot more use when the weather forces us inside.

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