Sew Many Joys

A Life of Family…Crafts…Joy…and LOVE

Loving What You Do

It’s incredible the amount of love you have for someone so small! It gets me every time I think about just how blessed I am. No matter how rough life gets, no matter the twists and turns, somehow having two little faces I can kiss each day makes it all worth it. I have really always wanted them and so it makes it just a win-win situation!

I was working on changing up this blog today and in the few moments I had each time I sat down, it was a lot of fun to do. Wishing that I was smart enough to make a job out of it! 🙂 BUT – I’m a long way from mastering the skills – dream big!!!


Last night I participated in our Christmas play …. talk about fun!!! Each time I get together with that group, it makes me so happy and brightens the day. You should come see it – in December….. I’ll give you more details later.



I babble lately….avoiding things and saying others. I wonder if Wednesday will be as busy as Tuesday was! 🙂


Many blessings on your Wednesday-


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