Sew Many Joys

A Life of Family…Crafts…Joy…and LOVE

Wordless Wednesday

I am not sure I can be ‘wordless today’….

Some of things that were said:

“Everyone cross your legs to the left!”

“WHAT…I’m not crossing my legs!!”

“DO IT!”

“JEREMY, cross your legs…it isn’t that hard!”


“Pretend you love each other”

I must tell you that the four of us are probably as different as night and day and yet we can have some of the neatest times together. I just personally wish we could have them more often! We laugh so hard sometimes at the dumbest things and sometimes at things that no one else will get…

“Shakey….shakey’s thighs!”

“Mike breaking the ceiling light, WITH HIS HEAD!”

So, in honor of some of the neatest siblings one girl could ever ask for—


Have a good rest of your week!!! 🙂


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