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Two In A Row

Two posts in a row and I don’t have a single picture to share with you.

I’ve been guilty of not having my camera out for everything – maybe it is the endless to-do list or the stress of lots of happenings and change that have made me set down the camera for a little while. But either way, I’m still bubbling with lots of crafts and ideas.

I just started one Christmas gift and I’m LOVING being free to create again. It’s something so therapeutic and for some reason I don’t do it often enough. I waste so many nap times lately and so many evenings and I lose some of the important things. Strange, I know. I am probably not going to have many pictures of the next few crafts, since they will be gifts. I would hate to spoil a gift for someone by posting all about it ahead of time on here. I trust that those recipients, will appreciate the surprise and thought instead of thinking “Gosh I saw that on your blog a few weeks ago!” And think, “I saw a better gift made, I wanted that one instead!” I’ll save those feelings of possible guilt and leave the suspense for the holidays!

I did start my ‘holiday table’ decor. In my typical 4a.m. wake up, I figured out what I was going to do for my Christmas table this year-which wasn’t really a worry on the radar yet, but thankfully it won’t have to be! I can just fret about the actual meal itself instead. πŸ™‚

I was just thinking today that I really need to get going with that. Some of the food I have already decided on and then some things I have about 12 different possibilities. The best part….is that this week coming up, we may decorate for Christmas! We won’t turn anything on until we get back from our trip-but it will be ready and not a big stressor when we get back. Although I would like to do it somewhat special and relaxed together-we’ll see. It all always involves such furniture arrangement and such a mess, that I’d like a majority of it to be done while I can have four little hands out of the mess-especially in the massive ‘fall take-down’ as well! πŸ™‚

I was outside raking leave tonight and I looked up at that tree I posted about several posts back! It’s the most gorgeous shade of yellow right now and I wished then I could remember that look forever! (And I wished my camera was attached to my wrist!) But our trees are still losing leaves-at the rate my front two are going, we’ll have snow on them before they are all down. My township won’t pick up soon if they don’t hurry and fall! πŸ™‚ (Not that I’m wishing winter here at all!) In fact, I was sad thinking about putting the last of the kids outside toys away and moving it all into the garage 😦

Wow-I thought I had very little to ramble about tonight. I was mistaken. I should have known better when I started off wanting to post so bad. Well – just a few more moments of crafts and then I can clean it all up.


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