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A Picture Is Worth…

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2010 has been an incredible year in our household. We have had lots of adventures and fun. I couldn’t be more thankful for my wishes coming true. I can’t believe I am the mother of two 1 1/2 year old little boys! My days are filled with their laughter-running around while we try on many hats and laugh at ourselves in them-or sitting together to read a story that I’ve probably read at least 500 times already!

As we get ready for Christmas, my to-do list is growing daily! While I check off a few items, I have been adding just as many. One of my recent additions was our ‘Christmas pictures’. I have been enjoying photography lately and experimenting with the camera I have. I find such joy in those simple photos that can capture so much! I have a few shots already taken of the boys and hope that by this weekend I’ll have a few more options to create a Christmas Card!

We went through the discussion of a Christmas Letter and I’m still not a fan! Joel is, bless his patience, but I’m just not great at writing a letter about us/our year/our lives. I find it so difficult. I’d rather a neat photo card that I can write a personal message in to our family and friends and allow that to suffice. (We’re still not sure who will win that Christmas Letter battle just yet…) But in my searches online, I’ve found several Christmas Card options through Shutterfly that I am going to work to personalize and preview before I can make a final decision. I’m just so thankful they have a variety of cards that aren’t all so ‘cookie cutter’ but are very creative and fun. Check out some of my favorites this year:

I seriously had a hard time deciding already! I know that when I have the best photos, that will help me make a decision to highlight our year and our lives! I did just find out that they had quite a nice selection of Religious Christmas Cards to choose from. If you have ever been to other sites, you find one or two with any scriptures. I know that not everyone will appreciate this feature, but I know how important it is for me and my family and a card that can incorporate our values and beliefs is just wonderful. Check them out!

While I was searching through cards, I was looking at other gift ideas for a few more people. I’m just about finished Christmas shopping and I need a few more gifts that are a little more special. I did find some neat ideas through Shutterfly. They have some nice Calendar options! You can personalize a Wall Calendar, Desk Calendar or a Calendar poster! I like personal gifts-and what else would help a proud grandparent show off their grandchildren better than these options?!

I think I could play here for quite some time! I hope to make a decision soon though-you know, before the holidays actually arrive. But if you are still without Christmas cards, check out their site. I can imagine you won’t be disappointed in the selection. You can edit and make the cards very personal and the prices are very reasonable for Christmas cards.


DISCLAIMER: Shutterfly is offering bloggers 50 free photo cards for the review of their 2010 Christmas Card selection.


One response to “A Picture Is Worth…

  1. Sarah December 2, 2010 at 17:44

    I really like the first example. 🙂 You always have the cutest pictures, too! 😉

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