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A Homemade Christmas

I cannot believe we are so close to Christmas already! I feel like we just set up our house and we’re here, ready to celebrate the Birth of Jesus with our family and friends already!

I do know that the presents under the tree from friends (for the boys) are a huge temptation. This morning they were so curious as to why they were sitting there, unopened! So instead of trying to open them, they took items from their room and started putting them in the gift bags. Seems like they wanted an extra surprise on Christmas!! hahaha.

This year, instead of going out and buying everything I can think of for everyone-I made a lot of our Christmas gifts. I made probably at least half of the gifts this year-which was a big undertaking. With each item, I was so excited and happy with the end result, I was wishing I could make more for someone else. Since people are receiving the gifts that I made (and most haven’t received them as of this point), I will keep them all a secret. But it had meaning this year – I had so much fun personalizing things to the person and putting my creativity, time and effort into making something special, useful and meaningful.

To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible. Back in October when I started my ‘Christmas Spreadsheet’, I was sure I was biting off more than I could chew. I wasn’t sure I could really take on so many projects to work on while taking a part-time job and caring for my family! But little by little I did them. Sure there were a few more I would have ideally liked to include in my ‘Christmas To-Do List’ but the reality of making 50% of our gifts this year was awesome. Next year I’ll work to increase it-coming up with new and exciting things to make and try.

This much simpler Christmas has helped to ground me in what is important this year. It isn’t the loudest toy-the most amount of toys-or even about how many gifts you give or receive. It was about making something special for someone else to celebrate the real reason behind Christmas. I imagine that those first gifts Jesus received weren’t the flashiest or the loudest but they sure had a lot of meaning and worth. Those first travelers to see the newborn offered something special that they had to honor a newborn King. It is my hope and prayer that you take the time this season to be with your family and friends…to share love and joy and peace no matter which holiday you celebrate. It is about loving kindness, joy and peace – may it be something you share with all those you meet this holiday!!

Merry Christmas
Happy Hanukkah
Happy Kwanzaa


2 responses to “A Homemade Christmas

  1. Charlotte Griffith December 21, 2010 at 14:07

    Did you take a picture of all the homemade projects before you wrapped them? I think it is a terrific idea, and I’d love to see what you made. Usually I make a few things. This year, Karen and Jessica will have homemade things…though, since we technically aren’t doing “adult” gifts, they are given under the label of “birthday gifts!”

    • NMC December 21, 2010 at 14:56

      You know, I thought about it after I finished wrapping them. It will just force me to take good pictures as people open them!! I’m sad I didn’t do better with that-guess my focus was on the person and the gift!! Silly me -lesson learned! 🙂

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