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Opening My Heart

I’m writing this before, but as you read this-we’re spending the day down in Baltimore, MD at the most un-enjoyable place I’ve come to know. It is a time that I have come to know as my ‘walking by faith’ time. And each time it comes, I’m not ready and emotionally grasping and babbling for words and thoughts.

Today was an especially rough day – I spent so much time on my knees for sure. It was a day of reflection and a time to really dig through God’s purpose for all of the hard things we encounter in life. I know He is with us all…that we thankfully never have to walk alone…but sometimes it just plain rough. I read something today, gosh I wish I could remember the source – but it said something to the effect that we faith in Him is taking the step down stairs without seeing. (Mental note: I’m a horrible paraphraser too!) But that’s exactly how I was feeling today. I know that God is wish us-good/bad/pretty/ugly…everything. I’m just walking down the steps without seeing.

My kids are my world and I can’t imagine how I’ve been so blessed to have two sons. I wouldn’t give it all away for anything and I have cherished each moment I have with them. Today was no exception.

Each moment in time reminds me of how truly blessed I am…after all, I never imagined my life has wonderfully full of love as it is with my sons in it!

I could open my heart to them each moment because is so fulfilling living with my little angels…the most beautiful little ones I’ve been entrusted to care for! 🙂

I hope your Thursday is filled with hugs, love and peace. It is my prayer for you.

You are loved!


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