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And So It Begins

the long awaited-crafting has begun.

I started the curtains for the play room downstairs…yes after 1.5 years of living here, I am ready for curtains for that room (that aren’t apples). I am VERY excited. So, join me as I document my progress.

First, I took two pairs of L–O–N–G curtains that we used in our last house. **Our last home had very long windows in almost every room–it could be a good thing, except no window was the same size, so it was fun and yet so much work!** But we haven’t used these long ones and really wouldn’t. When I found them in my ‘fabric’ pile, I knew it was fate. They are the perfect shade.

I took the curtains-measured up and cut and hemmed them. Seems rather simple, right?! Nope, somehow on the fourth panel, I cut the curtain WAY short. Way, like as, half as long as the others! I mean, these were a set I purchased years ago, what was I going to do now?! No fear, a simple cut and hem job turned into a fun-filled way to make the curtains more than just plain pieces of material.

So I added my shape cutouts and began the daunting task of adhering them to each of the four panels.

The sewing was long but kind of fun. Eventually they get to hang in our playroom. They are kind of unique and whimsical for the kids and that is what matters.

Thankfully craft project number one is finished and I can start number two. If I get a good lighted photo of them in the playroom I will add one.

***Edited: to now include the finished products. ***


One response to “And So It Begins

  1. Sarah January 19, 2011 at 18:52

    Very nice job! 🙂

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