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February Boys

I tried now for two months to get a nice ‘together’ shot of the boys! TWO MONTHS! hahaha

Well the other night I was frustrated with not many pictures where they are somewhat looking at the camera, so we were going to try! Daddy wasn’t home, so I was going to sit them down, have them look at me, entertain them AND take the photo! Can anyone else see my mistake coming at me?!

I must say, I got what I wanted, some hearty laughs and some serious good times! Here is a little recap of the events:


I saw they were both sitting on the blue chair by themselves. So, I run to find my camera and this is what happens after I say: “Boys, look at Mommy!”

I knew in my heart it wasn’t going to recover from here….so I’ll just have fun too!

And within four seconds, my opportunity for pictures, ENDED! They climbed off the chair and went onto other things.


I sure do love being a mom of two little boys! I enjoy the spontaneous fun and laughs and I can appreciate that I’ll probably struggle for many more years to get a nice photo together! I can imagine how many months I should start in advance to get a Christmas one! hahaha.


**Please note, the photos were taken with my iPod Touch,  (because I didn’t want to run far to get my real camera)  so excuse the quality!


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