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It is No Secret

It is no secret we are EAGLES fans here in this house! We also won’t be afraid to admit that we were very disappointed that we had to watch the Steelers and the Packers in the Superbowl this past weekend! It was still a nice time though-so we can’t spend too much time complaining!

Because I love sewing and Joel loves football, I combined this latest project to include his likes too!! We received two plain Eagles onesies for the boys right before they were born. They are sized 2T. So their time of use is approaching! I took these plain shirts and decided to make ‘Coleman Jerseys’ out of them! Kurt Coleman is number 42 on the team and since I won’t spend the $80 for a real ‘Coleman Jersey’ for my toddlers, I’m going to make one!

I took the concept from my beanbags and attached the letters and numbers! Check out the work:

First, you attach your Wonder Under to the fabric (with an iron) and cut out the letters (IN REVERSE!)

Cut out those letters/numbers. And with an iron and a damp cloth, attach them to the fabric. **Be sure to peel the back off the wonder under fabric letter/number before you iron, it won’t adhere otherwise.**

After they are adhered to the fabric, one by one you stitch them. I do a zig zag stitch on the outsides, it makes it more aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for wash and wear!

Now that your letters and numbers are all attached, I make my knots and snip and ta-da….

I am actually going to make them into t-shirts and not onesies so that they can last a little longer. I would have done that now but Joel insisted they still wear them for the Superbowl! I have time I guess, until football season starts (and my kids fit into 2T clothing!)
But that’s it-another ‘project’ completed!


**Please note that all photos are taken with the iPod Touch and are not of greatest quality. My apologies.**


One response to “It is No Secret

  1. Sarah February 8, 2011 at 17:37

    Awesome and so creative! 🙂

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