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One In A Million

Did you ever feel small? I do. Not in the physical sense, but in a whole earthly way. I sometimes get myself thinking (and well…it all goes from there!) and I just can’t help but realize the magnitude of what is stressing me out is so SMALL. I mean, let’s face it-I’m not a huge famous person, with tons of influence. I’m me. One small person in a world filled with people and things far bigger. I’m glad I’m me, don’t get me wrong, just had me thinking lately about the concept of how small we are.


Tonight I spent about 20 minutes tearing apart the endless cookie cutter stash. I have more cookie cutters than I probably imagined. I knew I had quite a few, but I have gotten them as gifts and all that fun stuff over the years. It is a nice collection. I spent 20 minutes searching for one tiny cutter amongst so many! I had to find one of the smallest ones I own-it is for a specific project. Amazing, isn’t it? How we spend time searching for just one small lost cookie cutter?! I have been studying David in the Bible and also some information on ‘lost sheep’ as a Biblical concept. I find it neat how it all has been weaving in and out of my life. I like it-

I’m sure that things are so important to you, when we sit back just aren’t as life-changing. Now, some are… I get that.

But take time to cherish those little things…for me it was the playing through my cookie cutters tonight. I had memories of when I used some of these – and some of how special the person was who gave me this particular one, etc.

We’re ‘one in a million’ but we’re special and important. Treat one another that way-it goes a great distance.

I’m sure glad you were here today-reading my random thoughts! Enjoy your Thursday!


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