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Things I Love Thursday

Well, I was ‘blog reading’ this morning for a few moments and I found a cool idea. Well it isn’t all that ‘new’ but it sure was a nice pleasant blog idea today!
So, here I go – Things I love:

1. My little boys and their help this morning making the last of the Valentine gifts.

2. My ability to let go if there are a few sprinkles on the floor – that’s what they made brooms for right?!










3. A real ‘date’ with my husband coming up!

4. Sewing and crafting like crazy. I’ve been letting out my inner ‘creative side’ again!

5. I made a good decision about my future yesterday and I’m THRILLED with my ability to discern this way.

6. Friends who are just amazing and wonderful.







7. Calling my grandmother. She is a great person to chat with!

8. Working out faithfully with my husband. I love that we can share this time together each early morning.

9. The sun is shining today…it is so good!!

10. The upcoming possibility of meeting some of my cousins (Joel’s cousins) and their family!

11. Hearing about my father-in-law’s reaction to coming home this past week! It brings great joy to hear others happy.

12. Quality mornings with my sons.

13. The upcoming ROSSDAY FRIDAY!!!!


I am so thankful for so much and I was glad someone else gave me the idea to write about things like this on a bright and sunny Thursday. I’m linking up with Things I Love Thursday.


One response to “Things I Love Thursday

  1. The Diaper Diaries February 10, 2011 at 12:33

    Great list. It is so good to remember what we are blessed with!

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