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Reflections of a Busy Week


This week has flown by us and before I could catch my breath it is Sunday already!We have done so much this week and yet I feel like not much was done. Strange feelings. Tomorrow marks half way through February already–isn’t time just zipping past us?! I’m feeling as if each day is a whirlwind and I’m just grasping to keep up.

So, this week, it has been fun and tiring and all around a pretty good week. The stress was a bit high with all the mishaps but it was still fun nonethless. Here is a basic recap:

We started the week making Valentine’s and finishing projects related to such things.

I worked a few days this week-always seems like I never get the full four–let’s hope this week has a full week!!

My sons’ language is exploding before our very eyes. Every word we say they attempt to say-it has been fun to watch them put things together. This morning, for example Kaiden informed me that ‘doggie sleep’ because Madison was asleep on the foot of our bed. His word for sleep is that sound of a person snoring–which at his age is so cute sounding! But each day we are learning words upon words and just loving talking with the boys in such neat ways!

We had the chance to see Leah, Emily & Janna this weekend. Our ‘Knoxville/Westfield’ girls were in York and it was cool to chat, play games and reminisce.

I took way too FEW pictures of this week. I usually have a few nice ones of each week and I don’t think I did a lot of photography this week. Maybe I was too busy enjoying the moments to get the camera out!

I did some sewing (be still my heart) and found great success in something that I have desperately wanted to try and have work and when it did-it was just a joyous moment!! I still stare at the piece in amazement that I waited so long to attempt it-thinking I would just bust my sewing machine with the effort that it would devastate me!

I have been scheming on my next set of projects with anticipation and joy as I see so much fun in this all.

This week has been a blast – intermixed with lots of stress and challenges! But aren’t they all? And really who doesn’t have challenges? It’s perspective!!!  I look forward to this coming week. All the adventures and joys. The challenges that make us stronger and the love and time I get with my family. I hope that I can savor the little things, don’t let the big things bog me down and allow for joy, love and peace to be shown for all I come in contact with!

Hoping my readers and friends have a joyous Valentine’s Week!


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