Sew Many Joys

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April Showers….

April SNOW showers brings May ?????
We woke up to a half an inch of snow on April first….here in SOUTHERN Pa! It was a crime. I would have expected it in our ‘northern’ residence but not so much here. I am still holding on to hope that Spring has to come at some point. I did see 70’s within the next five days–what a change—35 today 70 by Tuesday! No need to worry-our closets and drawers are stacked for both seasons right now–because we aren’t sure which one we are in! It’ll be nice to move one of them out soon–let’s hope it is the winter stuff!

Just a few days ago, we were doing this:

And not to mention the oodles of ‘park pictures’ we have already–so it isn’t a wonder why we’re complaining about snow! 🙂

I really don’t have much content to speak about-I started some craft things this week (HALLELUJAH) and I have some pictures to upload and edit so I can keep the content fresh and current!

Sending love to you readers–may April bring you lots of warmth, joy and peace! We’ll journey through it together….no matter the weather.


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