Sew Many Joys

A Life of Family…Crafts…Joy…and LOVE

I’m Joining In…..

Well, today I branched out….went out on a limb and volunteered to take part in an ‘I-Spy Quilt‘ over at A Girl And A Glue Gun.

I’m a regular ‘stalker’ of her blog and just had to jump in on the quilting activity. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing but I hope this helps me step up the projects and stop letting them sit in piles in that craft room. Speaking of that craft room–it has inspired me to do more, I just find that Holy Week for a Pastor’s Family isn’t a time to find ‘crafting time’.

I’ll post pictures and details as I start–but I’m just so excited, I wanted to share somewhere.

Imagine the possibilities— 10 different fabrics I send in, I get 100 squares back and that’s the magic….I’ll create something {hopefully} awesome!! 🙂


Oh, JoAnn’s….HERE I COME!!!



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