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Special Guests

Two weeks ago, we had some special guests from Rhode Island come to stay with us. It was wonderful. It was Joel’s (and now mine too!!) cousin and family!

Because of our great distance, I hadn’t met them before and it was surely just wonderful timing. We had the great opportunity to spend two days together and I must say it was just lovely. We spent time talking, watching the kids at the playground, playing cards, eating (of course), and even getting the chance to visit the nature center. The weather wasn’t as beautiful the second day, so it was a little more challenging to burn off the kids energy inside our house alone.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had:

N & L Playing At The Park

B Riding The Horse

N 'Fishing' with K looking On

Inspecting The Flowers They Had Picked

B Picking Flowers for Aunt K

L & B

It was an awesome two days and we look forward to our chance to get together again!!


One response to “Special Guests

  1. Charlotte Griffith May 1, 2011 at 23:56

    Thanks for posting!

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