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It’s Been A While

I cannot believe how neglectful I have been. I must be honest, I have been busy. So many times, though, I wanted to write a post, and didn’t have the pictures ready or didn’t have longer than 2-3 minutes and I scrapped it. I would have had about 10 posts since the last one.

But instead of dwelling, I’m going to try to blog again-maybe share some of the fun artsy projects I am working on!

This morning, in my morning ‘blog reading’, I found the coolest thing. I regularly read Adventures in Babywearing and just love Steph’s style. She mentioned a fun giveaway on her friend’s blog for an Ipad2! Click on over and try to win-would be a neat gift! :)(See how random I can be…)

I’m working on projects related to the boys second birthday party, some church crafts (VBS and others), my ISpy quilt project, and even some sewing for the youth to sell stuff! I’m excited because it really has been busy in my crafting room. I have used so much of my spare time on them lately–what a gift! 🙂

I have a few pictures ready and soon there will be more on all the fun and joy that’s happening here at our house!

The sun is finally shining this morning, so I may have to take a peek to make sure it really is the sun, since it has been a while since we have seen it! Enjoy your Thursday…


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