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Waking Up…


I’m alive…the blog, eh, not so much. But I have been a busy Mom the past weeks and months. We celebrated special days, birthdays and just couldn’t sit still enough to blog.

I am now the Mom of two 2 year olds….where has time gone?!We enjoy the growing up of the boys, I can’t say I haven’t had a great opportunity to be home with them. It’s been a blessing. More and more each day I am remembering to take time to be with them-love them-cherish the moments they want my undivided attention because two years has flown by, I’m afraid to blink anymore.

We celebrated with a Cat In The Hat Birthday party–and soon I’ll have some pictures of that fun event.

Right before their birthday we went back to Knoxville to visit friends. It was a lovely time..storm and all. We did live through a tornado there on our last morning. It was more painful to see the beauty of Main St. (and even Alba St.) just so different. It was a blessing that no one was injured.  Our time up there was fun-the boys were in love with John’s tractors! Even today, at random times, they’ll mention ‘Uncle John’s tractors’. We will definitely need to do that again.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I will work hard, in some quiet times, to upload some for you all.

I really do believe I’ll catch up soon. We have been on such a journey with fun and memorable times. It’s amazing to be a mom of two little boys–I keep remembering how blessed we are to be given such an awesome responsibility in raising these little boys.


One response to “Waking Up…

  1. Sarah June 16, 2011 at 07:14

    And they are so blessed to have you two as parents! 🙂

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