Sew Many Joys

A Life of Family…Crafts…Joy…and LOVE

Waking Up…


I’m alive…the blog, eh, not so much. But I have been a busy Mom the past weeks and months. We celebrated special days, birthdays and just couldn’t sit still enough to blog.

I am now the Mom of two 2 year olds….where has time gone?!We enjoy the growing up of the boys, I can’t say I haven’t had a great opportunity to be home with them. It’s been a blessing. More and more each day I am remembering to take time to be with them-love them-cherish the moments they want my undivided attention because two years has flown by, I’m afraid to blink anymore.

We celebrated with a Cat In The Hat Birthday party–and soon I’ll have some pictures of that fun event.

Right before their birthday we went back to Knoxville to visit friends. It was a lovely time..storm and all. We did live through a tornado there on our last morning. It was more painful to see the beauty of Main St. (and even Alba St.) just so different. It was a blessing that no one was injured.  Our time up there was fun-the boys were in love with John’s tractors! Even today, at random times, they’ll mention ‘Uncle John’s tractors’. We will definitely need to do that again.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I will work hard, in some quiet times, to upload some for you all.

I really do believe I’ll catch up soon. We have been on such a journey with fun and memorable times. It’s amazing to be a mom of two little boys–I keep remembering how blessed we are to be given such an awesome responsibility in raising these little boys.


It’s Been A While

I cannot believe how neglectful I have been. I must be honest, I have been busy. So many times, though, I wanted to write a post, and didn’t have the pictures ready or didn’t have longer than 2-3 minutes and I scrapped it. I would have had about 10 posts since the last one.

But instead of dwelling, I’m going to try to blog again-maybe share some of the fun artsy projects I am working on!

This morning, in my morning ‘blog reading’, I found the coolest thing. I regularly read Adventures in Babywearing and just love Steph’s style. She mentioned a fun giveaway on her friend’s blog for an Ipad2! Click on over and try to win-would be a neat gift! :)(See how random I can be…)

I’m working on projects related to the boys second birthday party, some church crafts (VBS and others), my ISpy quilt project, and even some sewing for the youth to sell stuff! I’m excited because it really has been busy in my crafting room. I have used so much of my spare time on them lately–what a gift! 🙂

I have a few pictures ready and soon there will be more on all the fun and joy that’s happening here at our house!

The sun is finally shining this morning, so I may have to take a peek to make sure it really is the sun, since it has been a while since we have seen it! Enjoy your Thursday…

Special Guests

Two weeks ago, we had some special guests from Rhode Island come to stay with us. It was wonderful. It was Joel’s (and now mine too!!) cousin and family!

Because of our great distance, I hadn’t met them before and it was surely just wonderful timing. We had the great opportunity to spend two days together and I must say it was just lovely. We spent time talking, watching the kids at the playground, playing cards, eating (of course), and even getting the chance to visit the nature center. The weather wasn’t as beautiful the second day, so it was a little more challenging to burn off the kids energy inside our house alone.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had:

N & L Playing At The Park

B Riding The Horse

N 'Fishing' with K looking On

Inspecting The Flowers They Had Picked

B Picking Flowers for Aunt K

L & B

It was an awesome two days and we look forward to our chance to get together again!!

Any Help

Hi Folks, Friends, Family…

I’ve searched the Internet with no luck and thought I would try my faithful friends–

Do any of you know of any Blog Designers that aren’t going to cost me {a lot of-}dollars to do a design a page? I simply want a header, a button, signature and possibly a background. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult, but a little above my abilities. I have been earnestly trying to design a header in my temporary photo-editing software and I was on the verge and I believe I have two days left before the software expires and I know I won’t finish it.

I have seen a few-some that do a very cute designs for like $30-$50 dollars. And at this rate, I’ll do anything but want to know all of my options before I would try something. Of course the prices jump up drastically after that–going to somewhere around $200+  and that’s really out of my price range.

As I work to clean my house up from my baking fun-I’ll hope someone has some great wisdom! 🙂 I sure appreciate all the help I can get. 🙂

I’m Joining In…..

Well, today I branched out….went out on a limb and volunteered to take part in an ‘I-Spy Quilt‘ over at A Girl And A Glue Gun.

I’m a regular ‘stalker’ of her blog and just had to jump in on the quilting activity. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing but I hope this helps me step up the projects and stop letting them sit in piles in that craft room. Speaking of that craft room–it has inspired me to do more, I just find that Holy Week for a Pastor’s Family isn’t a time to find ‘crafting time’.

I’ll post pictures and details as I start–but I’m just so excited, I wanted to share somewhere.

Imagine the possibilities— 10 different fabrics I send in, I get 100 squares back and that’s the magic….I’ll create something {hopefully} awesome!! 🙂


Oh, JoAnn’s….HERE I COME!!!


I Do Care

I do care, folks. I know some people read this blog and I haven’t updated in such a long time.

I have three open tabs up now with starts of posts for you, since the beginning of LAST WEEK! Boy, oh boy, I’m bad at this.

But to be honest, the reason for the delay is simply, I have misplaced the device to get the pictures from my camera card and have lots of pictures of fun but no ability to put them on here! So I hope that in the next few days as I continue with some big cleaning, we’ll see this little converter and able to resume the fun!!!



April Showers….

April SNOW showers brings May ?????
We woke up to a half an inch of snow on April first….here in SOUTHERN Pa! It was a crime. I would have expected it in our ‘northern’ residence but not so much here. I am still holding on to hope that Spring has to come at some point. I did see 70’s within the next five days–what a change—35 today 70 by Tuesday! No need to worry-our closets and drawers are stacked for both seasons right now–because we aren’t sure which one we are in! It’ll be nice to move one of them out soon–let’s hope it is the winter stuff!

Just a few days ago, we were doing this:

And not to mention the oodles of ‘park pictures’ we have already–so it isn’t a wonder why we’re complaining about snow! 🙂

I really don’t have much content to speak about-I started some craft things this week (HALLELUJAH) and I have some pictures to upload and edit so I can keep the content fresh and current!

Sending love to you readers–may April bring you lots of warmth, joy and peace! We’ll journey through it together….no matter the weather.

It’s All About Them

I am probably going to have more and more posts about the boys – because well, I am going to be with them now again full-time!
I am going to be working from home and so I have more (Well, some days) time to
take photos, laugh, giggle, make things, and most important snuggle!!

Yesterday we took some time before lunch-in that ‘almost hungry’ phase of the day…. and played with:

Play Dough!!!

It was some serious fun. We made shapes, balls, picked it apart, smushed it back together and really laughed so hard.
It was so nice to see, my ‘used to be babies’ growing up and loving what I used to find so dear to my heart.

P.S. Isn’t Brenden’s “CHEESE” face funny?! He thinks he is posing for the camera!!! 🙂




Happy Sunday

I’m looking forward to this. A day outside where I’m not bundled up again. I’m dreaming of Spring on this Sunday.

Have a good day.

If I tell you..

would you believe me?

Life had taken a serious turn for CHAOTIC! I’m almost getting things back to normal, only for them to change again soon–but in a good way.

I have looked into some design stuff for my site. I have been fiddling with trying myself and testing the waters and then retreating a few hundred feet – so I think I may take the plunge and go for it. This will give me the opportunity to make this a little bigger.

It also helps that I have created my own space to do this in the house-you know, the crafting. A space that I can work without someone calling a dumpster on my dining room table will help tremendously!

So, while I return slowly from chaos-ville…I look forward to connecting and making myself a bigger ‘space’ on the web.

What are your plans for spring? Anything exciting happening out there?
Just was curious! I look forward to a time to renew my love for crafting and the great outdoors too!

‘Chat’ soon!