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I’m Joining In…..

Well, today I branched out….went out on a limb and volunteered to take part in an ‘I-Spy Quilt‘ over at A Girl And A Glue Gun.

I’m a regular ‘stalker’ of her blog and just had to jump in on the quilting activity. I don’t know what I’ll end up doing but I hope this helps me step up the projects and stop letting them sit in piles in that craft room. Speaking of that craft room–it has inspired me to do more, I just find that Holy Week for a Pastor’s Family isn’t a time to find ‘crafting time’.

I’ll post pictures and details as I start–but I’m just so excited, I wanted to share somewhere.

Imagine the possibilities— 10 different fabrics I send in, I get 100 squares back and that’s the magic….I’ll create something {hopefully} awesome!! 🙂


Oh, JoAnn’s….HERE I COME!!!



It is No Secret

It is no secret we are EAGLES fans here in this house! We also won’t be afraid to admit that we were very disappointed that we had to watch the Steelers and the Packers in the Superbowl this past weekend! It was still a nice time though-so we can’t spend too much time complaining!

Because I love sewing and Joel loves football, I combined this latest project to include his likes too!! We received two plain Eagles onesies for the boys right before they were born. They are sized 2T. So their time of use is approaching! I took these plain shirts and decided to make ‘Coleman Jerseys’ out of them! Kurt Coleman is number 42 on the team and since I won’t spend the $80 for a real ‘Coleman Jersey’ for my toddlers, I’m going to make one!

I took the concept from my beanbags and attached the letters and numbers! Check out the work:

First, you attach your Wonder Under to the fabric (with an iron) and cut out the letters (IN REVERSE!)

Cut out those letters/numbers. And with an iron and a damp cloth, attach them to the fabric. **Be sure to peel the back off the wonder under fabric letter/number before you iron, it won’t adhere otherwise.**

After they are adhered to the fabric, one by one you stitch them. I do a zig zag stitch on the outsides, it makes it more aesthetically pleasing as well as practical for wash and wear!

Now that your letters and numbers are all attached, I make my knots and snip and ta-da….

I am actually going to make them into t-shirts and not onesies so that they can last a little longer. I would have done that now but Joel insisted they still wear them for the Superbowl! I have time I guess, until football season starts (and my kids fit into 2T clothing!)
But that’s it-another ‘project’ completed!


**Please note that all photos are taken with the iPod Touch and are not of greatest quality. My apologies.**

And So It Begins

the long awaited-crafting has begun.

I started the curtains for the play room downstairs…yes after 1.5 years of living here, I am ready for curtains for that room (that aren’t apples). I am VERY excited. So, join me as I document my progress.

First, I took two pairs of L–O–N–G curtains that we used in our last house. **Our last home had very long windows in almost every room–it could be a good thing, except no window was the same size, so it was fun and yet so much work!** But we haven’t used these long ones and really wouldn’t. When I found them in my ‘fabric’ pile, I knew it was fate. They are the perfect shade.

I took the curtains-measured up and cut and hemmed them. Seems rather simple, right?! Nope, somehow on the fourth panel, I cut the curtain WAY short. Way, like as, half as long as the others! I mean, these were a set I purchased years ago, what was I going to do now?! No fear, a simple cut and hem job turned into a fun-filled way to make the curtains more than just plain pieces of material.

So I added my shape cutouts and began the daunting task of adhering them to each of the four panels.

The sewing was long but kind of fun. Eventually they get to hang in our playroom. They are kind of unique and whimsical for the kids and that is what matters.

Thankfully craft project number one is finished and I can start number two. If I get a good lighted photo of them in the playroom I will add one.

***Edited: to now include the finished products. ***

Can We Cook Together?

Recently my littlest brother turned 5. YES FIVE! Where did five years go already?! Anyway, I was super excited to do something a little more personal, with a little more meaning!

What do I enjoy doing? COOKING! So, I thought I’d share something I enjoy with someone I love!!

Finding the right moments, with the right time and right everything is always important. I had spent probably 2 hours finding the right pattern for an apron and even the right fabrics that would best suite the recipient as well as make this a project with meaning. Often times I spend more time on this part than anything else -but it always seems worth it.

I really wished I had the chance to be there for the party and to see him open the gift. While it wasn’t a shiny truck with bells and whistles, one day it may have a meaning. I wasn’t going for the ‘most popular’ gift–I realized that! I mean what 5 year old wants their sister to make them something? But I had to make him something-it was on my heart to put the time, effort and thought into this particular gift.

Mission accomplished: one reversible-personal apron! I was going to attempt the chef hat with it-maybe one day soon! I have all the supplies to make the adjustable piece-that I thought might be fun! I love sewing!!!!!

Sewing For The Fun of It

This past week I was perusing the fabric store and just fell in love with so many new pieces! I love scouring the remnant bins. I have found myself some great pieces for very cheap!! It is those moments I cannot help myself. I did limit myself to four pieces, I figured I was purchasing enough!!! 🙂

I’m about to venture – I use ‘about’ pretty loosely – but I’m about to venture on a crafts bonanza! I’m just about finished making myself a nice crafting space and then I’m going to ENJOY it!! I have lots of gift ideas and lots of sewing for the fun of it! Who knows where it will lead me but I sure know that I am happy about having a space of my own soon!!

My poor patient husband and children really don’t mind the piles thrown around while I organize the room for the easiest work space (in the smallest work space ever known to a craft-a-holic!)

What kinds of things do you find joy in on a rainy day? What makes you smile a little more?

We Once Had A Hutch…

I had a hutch….one day…that was the lightest color oak and a beautiful dining room that was dark dark dark brown!  I have been determined to make the hutch match the light color in our kitchen cabinets and the darkness of our dining room table!

This my former hutch:

It was beautiful? Why would someone want to ruin it?! I’m just living on the wildside, I guess!! 🙂 Anyway, after many hours of prayer and worry, I dove in. Nothing was going to stop me!

I was nervous, I can’t lie to you! I was most worried about stripping the piece of furniture. What was the stripper going to do? Was it going to ruin the wood? Every person I spoke with told me either a horror story, or a false representation of what would happen! So with a decreasing amount of excitement, we just tried it. Here is what happend:

I gathered up some supplies…

The bottom piece has been stripped…

And then the top was completely stripped!

The stripper was relatively painless. It worked so well, the stain came off very easily and in less time than you can imagine, the piece was set up and ready to be ‘dried’ The next morning I was ready….

It took two coats of black paint and one coat of red/bombay stain to help add a little red tint to the wood. I took a clear polyurethane to the light brown pieces and I was left with…

This piece looks amazing in our dining room! I’m so pleased at the finished project. I do know that there are no two door knobs on my drawers. I need to get a different kind of screw for those! 🙂 My littlest helpers were amazed at the return of the hutch!!!

I’m thankful for the completion of this project. It has been the #1 item on the ‘to do list’ for the last two months!!!!! Finally a completed item!

And the world awaits…

I know, the world awaits some sort of post! Something!!

And while there is tons going on and lots of fun pictures to share, I am going to spend this ‘first post back from a short hiatus’ showing you my recent work-well last week work!

My mother – a very very very cool woman – found my sons a dresser for their small room at a yard sale over the summer. It has taken almost a complete year to find one that will fit their room. I had been on the search since last summer to find a nice, simple, inexpensive, white dresser with four or five drawers but not too wide and not too tall – and oh the criteria could go on forever.

Well, I was about to purchase one for $50 (GASP) and it wasn’t white, it was off-white with FLOWERS and so it would have needed some work! But I was almost on desperate, and almost ready to call it mine and something inside said WAIT WAIT WAIT that perfect dresser is out there somewhere.

My dear mother, who stopped at yard sale on her way to somewhere else, one pretty Saturday morning, found a YELLOW four drawer dresser. And then she saw the price, $4. Yes, four, not forty, FOUR! She grabbed it faster than I could answer my cell phone and purchased this dresser. Now, four dollars doesn’t buy you much in life but this piece of yellow 70’s piece was a classic. It was far from pretty or even nice looking but somewhere underneath we both saw this beauty for the potential it had!

Well I got it home and I didn’t like it as much as I did at the yard sale. What was I thinking with that ugly {plastic} decorative border?! EEK! (Side note: there really were four drawers, I had already started to ‘play’ with the piece before I took my ‘before’ photo!)

But really-look at that beauty-it was UGLY! I may have made a mistake! I really wasn’t happy with this piece and after the waste of money and now effort, I was honestly regretting turning down the off-white one. I knew a coat of paint would have changed it!

Well my luck would have it…I could get that plastic piece off each drawer….and I found this:

(My camera didn’t capture that yellow well enough this close to the piece) But it was off! I had almost a great chance of this working! I mean, who knew $4 could get me this much excitement?! I quickly filled the holes, sanded the piece down and got to painting. It took a few coats-the wood wasn’t as absorbant of the color white as I envisioned, but three coats did the job!

I purchased three new handles, we’re not sure why only three. I since purchased the fourth and will install it today! Silly me. Here is what the dresser looks like today…once in my garage and then in the boys room…

If you look close enough the second drawer didn’t cover as evenly. I figure by the time they are in big boy beds, I’ll have changed the room again! You know me, can’t leave it the same way too long! hahaha. But with the fourth handle it looks neat and it fit their room beautifully! My $4 conversion just cost me the $11 (something) in new handles, since I had paint already at home! A nice save! For $15 dollars, I have a new dresser and my boys finally don’t have clothing in bins on a ‘bookshelf’.

I already took the hutch apart and God willing will start the much anticipated, most nerve-wracking project I’ll ever do this week sometime! I just don’t want to ruin this amazing hutch piece–we’ll see shortly, I guess! 🙂