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Special Guests

Two weeks ago, we had some special guests from Rhode Island come to stay with us. It was wonderful. It was Joel’s (and now mine too!!) cousin and family!

Because of our great distance, I hadn’t met them before and it was surely just wonderful timing. We had the great opportunity to spend two days together and I must say it was just lovely. We spent time talking, watching the kids at the playground, playing cards, eating (of course), and even getting the chance to visit the nature center. The weather wasn’t as beautiful the second day, so it was a little more challenging to burn off the kids energy inside our house alone.

Here are some pictures from the fun we had:

N & L Playing At The Park

B Riding The Horse

N 'Fishing' with K looking On

Inspecting The Flowers They Had Picked

B Picking Flowers for Aunt K

L & B

It was an awesome two days and we look forward to our chance to get together again!!


It’s All About Them

I am probably going to have more and more posts about the boys – because well, I am going to be with them now again full-time!
I am going to be working from home and so I have more (Well, some days) time to
take photos, laugh, giggle, make things, and most important snuggle!!

Yesterday we took some time before lunch-in that ‘almost hungry’ phase of the day…. and played with:

Play Dough!!!

It was some serious fun. We made shapes, balls, picked it apart, smushed it back together and really laughed so hard.
It was so nice to see, my ‘used to be babies’ growing up and loving what I used to find so dear to my heart.

P.S. Isn’t Brenden’s “CHEESE” face funny?! He thinks he is posing for the camera!!! 🙂




Christmas At The Cricket County Cafe

“We’ve never done anything quite like this!”
“What if no one shows up?”
“How on earth are we going to pull something like this off?”

We all doubted a performance at Pine Grove. There were a lot of loose ends here that we weren’t sure about and lo and behold, on Saturday, December 11 and Sunday, December 12 – we gave the community the best of us!

We were a group of ‘characters’ from the beginning.

Fester and his ‘tripping on the table’ (was that for real or part of the act?!)
Grandma chasing people with a skillet and a rolling pin (would she really do that in real life?!)
Oswald and his ‘up to no good’ (Isn’t that true?!)
Mimi and everything has to be about MEME! (No comments on that one!)
Brenda Mae & Glenda Mae….the ‘twins’!!!

A group of 21 of us came together since the end of September/early October and have worked super hard to memorize our lines and learn to work together and trust one another on stage! And after many hours of prayer, hard work, and time…Pine Grove had a theater performance!!! Together we shared the true message of the Christmas season with many many many visitors, family and friends! God is good!