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Waking Up…


I’m alive…the blog, eh, not so much. But I have been a busy Mom the past weeks and months. We celebrated special days, birthdays and just couldn’t sit still enough to blog.

I am now the Mom of two 2 year olds….where has time gone?!We enjoy the growing up of the boys, I can’t say I haven’t had a great opportunity to be home with them. It’s been a blessing. More and more each day I am remembering to take time to be with them-love them-cherish the moments they want my undivided attention because two years has flown by, I’m afraid to blink anymore.

We celebrated with a Cat In The Hat Birthday party–and soon I’ll have some pictures of that fun event.

Right before their birthday we went back to Knoxville to visit friends. It was a lovely time..storm and all. We did live through a tornado there on our last morning. It was more painful to see the beauty of Main St. (and even Alba St.) just so different. It was a blessing that no one was injured.  Our time up there was fun-the boys were in love with John’s tractors! Even today, at random times, they’ll mention ‘Uncle John’s tractors’. We will definitely need to do that again.

I have lots of pictures to share, so I will work hard, in some quiet times, to upload some for you all.

I really do believe I’ll catch up soon. We have been on such a journey with fun and memorable times. It’s amazing to be a mom of two little boys–I keep remembering how blessed we are to be given such an awesome responsibility in raising these little boys.


It’s All About Them

I am probably going to have more and more posts about the boys – because well, I am going to be with them now again full-time!
I am going to be working from home and so I have more (Well, some days) time to
take photos, laugh, giggle, make things, and most important snuggle!!

Yesterday we took some time before lunch-in that ‘almost hungry’ phase of the day…. and played with:

Play Dough!!!

It was some serious fun. We made shapes, balls, picked it apart, smushed it back together and really laughed so hard.
It was so nice to see, my ‘used to be babies’ growing up and loving what I used to find so dear to my heart.

P.S. Isn’t Brenden’s “CHEESE” face funny?! He thinks he is posing for the camera!!! 🙂




When It All Fades Away

This morning I sat with my boys…

I sat and read about 6 stories without moving from the chair. We pointed to all that we knew in them and even the ‘this’ that we didn’t know.

We went through blocks organization.

We laughed about how they had boots on voluntarily – they like to put them on themselves…you know, because we’re big now!

We ran up and down the hallway with a large wad of balloons because it was funny.

But most importantly we hugged and snuggled.


Almost a week ago my little boy was here:

And he smiled here but there were many more non-smiles at the experience.
My little Kaiden is one seriously tough little man.
And we juggled seeing both boys and fitting in all the love we could amidst the circumstances.


This morning, as we played for a while now, I can’t help but forget that painful/trying stuff and play in the here and now.
Sure the recovery isn’t easy or even remotely fun; but nothing beats a day of play together!

Life with my sons is fun, tiring, hilarious and most importantly the best thing that has ever happened in my life.
I couldn’t imagine life without my boys!!!


Wordless Wednesday

Sharing a nice drink of Cranberry Juice first thing in the morning!

February Boys

I tried now for two months to get a nice ‘together’ shot of the boys! TWO MONTHS! hahaha

Well the other night I was frustrated with not many pictures where they are somewhat looking at the camera, so we were going to try! Daddy wasn’t home, so I was going to sit them down, have them look at me, entertain them AND take the photo! Can anyone else see my mistake coming at me?!

I must say, I got what I wanted, some hearty laughs and some serious good times! Here is a little recap of the events:


I saw they were both sitting on the blue chair by themselves. So, I run to find my camera and this is what happens after I say: “Boys, look at Mommy!”

I knew in my heart it wasn’t going to recover from here….so I’ll just have fun too!

And within four seconds, my opportunity for pictures, ENDED! They climbed off the chair and went onto other things.


I sure do love being a mom of two little boys! I enjoy the spontaneous fun and laughs and I can appreciate that I’ll probably struggle for many more years to get a nice photo together! I can imagine how many months I should start in advance to get a Christmas one! hahaha.


**Please note, the photos were taken with my iPod Touch,  (because I didn’t want to run far to get my real camera)  so excuse the quality!

I am still alive

I am still alive and will return to the blogging world shortly…I apologize for taking this interruption (AGAIN!)

But as I take these few moments, the boys are feeding the dog their snacks, they are wiping stuff off my dining room table that was organized based on what I was working on (More craft projects) and they are screaming for Mommy to pick them up! While it sounds hectic, life is fun. I have to finish some photos to put up here soon.

How are you all doing? What is going on in your world?

One Year Later

The other day-just one day off from the original picture, my boys posed for a picture like none other.

Last December, on the 8th, I made the boys play around for some photos. Here is one of my favorite:

6 months old

and one year later

18 months old

I didn’t plan the 18 month old picture. Brenden climbed up on the chair with his book and Kaiden followed and they sat and read together and laughed together. It was awesome. AND the even better part was that it happened long enough for me to take a bunch of photos. But looking at this-boy am I blessed. Despite whatever is going on in the world and in other areas of my life, this is just an incredible feeling to be lucky enough to be a mother! 🙂

I am exciting for the holidays with the boys. Thanksgiving was fun with them being able to eat and participate in the fun- and I expect Christmas to be as beautiful. To see the world through their eyes…..just wonderful. 🙂 A huge answer to prayer.

We all need a superhero!

I know that sometimes I’m the slowest poster…EVER. I struggle to finish taking the pictures, quick get them off my camera card and onto my computer-fiddle with the pictures in an editing software and then develop a post. So much sitting involved in that process. Much more than I can think about doing in one time.

We did manage a lot of fun stuff last weekend. (Probably enough material to last me a week straight of posts) but I’m way too behind in picture editing to do that much! We took our little handsome superheros trick-or-treating! We went with some friends of ours, with a darling little girl. The three kids did really well and had a good time.

Daddy’s favorite superhero is:


So, like father-like sons….

Unlike superman, we took a nice ride to the houses!! They absolutely loved seeing the people, saying their version of ‘trick or treat’ and ‘thank you’ which sounded as close as possible. The highlight: seeing their reaction to touching the ‘candy’ in their pumpkins. They just had to pick each piece up…talk to each other about all of them!


I can promise you two things… Kaiden really did smile and laugh on this trip. I unfortunately only caught the serious glares out of both them. I guess we were just too busy enjoying the talking and laughing to take photos of those! 🙂 I made them little ‘capes’ for the back of those lovely PJ’s.

Savoring Each Moment

This past weekend was AMAZING! And we took each moment and sucked in all the sunshine, fun, laughs, and outdoor stuff we could get together! We already had busy schedules so we found lots of times to be outside.

I’ll be honest though-I only took pictures one of the times we were outside. I couldn’t stand being behind the camera any longer! It was time to sit down in the cool grass and enjoy the laugh of my kids.

Fall has arrived! (Almost ready to change colors!)

Kaiden couldn’t put that ball down all afternoon!

Brenden loves the car! It makes him so happy to ‘drive the wheel’

Kaiden and his favorite toy EVER!

Here is my little driver!

There is always something to build, scoop and splash!

Sifting, digging and playing!

I imagine that fall activities are some of the most fun times for me and I’m loving showing my children all the joys that we have in the world in sometimes the simplest of things! For we should always be grateful for all the abundance we do have!

Frugal Friday

It’s my mission to find some cool ‘Free’ places to visit now that the boys are old enough to start exploring things with us.

Today we visited the Nixon State Park (York County Parks Association) Nature Center down in Jacobus, Pa. Here are some pictures of our adventures!

Here are are talking to the animals…..always happy to see an animal!

Showing his brother the animal….what a helpful brother.

This center is amazing and designed for kiddos of all ages!

He actually was upset we wouldn’t let him really touch…it was just for Mommy’s pictures! That wasn’t fair Mom!!!

Just so interested in all he could get his hands on!!!

And because no day would be complete without a ‘inside something’ picture! We ‘Fall-ized’ the house today and I thought it was okay to leave this pretty bucket out with some decor and that it would be okay if the boys put their toys in it or whatnot….I didn’t think I’d find this when I was cleaning up the dinner table!

This weekend is bound to be a good time! I am thinking we’ll have some good fun in the cooler weather!!