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We all need a superhero!

I know that sometimes I’m the slowest poster…EVER. I struggle to finish taking the pictures, quick get them off my camera card and onto my computer-fiddle with the pictures in an editing software and then develop a post. So much sitting involved in that process. Much more than I can think about doing in one time.

We did manage a lot of fun stuff last weekend. (Probably enough material to last me a week straight of posts) but I’m way too behind in picture editing to do that much! We took our little handsome superheros trick-or-treating! We went with some friends of ours, with a darling little girl. The three kids did really well and had a good time.

Daddy’s favorite superhero is:


So, like father-like sons….

Unlike superman, we took a nice ride to the houses!! They absolutely loved seeing the people, saying their version of ‘trick or treat’ and ‘thank you’ which sounded as close as possible. The highlight: seeing their reaction to touching the ‘candy’ in their pumpkins. They just had to pick each piece up…talk to each other about all of them!


I can promise you two things… Kaiden really did smile and laugh on this trip. I unfortunately only caught the serious glares out of both them. I guess we were just too busy enjoying the talking and laughing to take photos of those! 🙂 I made them little ‘capes’ for the back of those lovely PJ’s.


What A Weekend

I am still in recovery from an amazing weekend at

Women of Faith (Philadelphia)

Two of my favorite ladies were my pals – as we explored God’s “Over The Top” love for us. I must tell you, it was an amazing weekend. I wish I could give it all the justice it deserves but my words fall short.

We arrived in Philly Friday morning, around 9:45a.m. and headed to the “Comcast Center/Wells Fargo Arena” – where the Philadelphia Flyers & 76ers play. It was there that we first met Patsy Clairmont & Andy Andrews. They shared a lot in the ‘morning/afternoon’!

The evening was filled with music, worship, great speakers and just a night to remember! Some other fabulous women there were: Mandisa, Anita Renfroe, Marilyn Meberg, Sandi Patty, Lisa Whetchel, and Steven & MaryBeth Chapman.

I learned so much – more than I could imagine. Worshiping with 11,000 other women was amazing! I wish I had pictures to share – but I hope and pray that I can go again to a weekend of fulfillment and joy.


Now, I’m sure you are thinking-when are the posts coming on all the FUN sewing/crafting projects I promised? I am actually in process of ‘making’ up my guest room/craft room – so I can play away!

I am working on refinishing a dresser for K & B’s bedroom and then have the hutch to finish before sewing projects will START!!

I thought today was…


going to be warm…

And the reality is…it is NONE of the above! I have a to-do list a mile and a half long and only about 4 things crossed off of it (FROM LAST WEEK!) We’re already on Tuesday and I’m seeing the work quality diminish. There goes my hope of accomplishing all I intend to this week. I haven’t even planned a menu for the week! WOW!

I had a nice weekend…yard-saled a little ton on Saturday…took some time to relax a little with family…traveled a little to see our family! The weather made the weekend just perfect. It’s a bigger shame today is Tuesday and we’re back to our working selves again!

This weekend I am going to Women of Faith! I’m a newbie and am going with two great friends from church. These ladies are wonderful and I’m so thankful this extra ticket opened up and all came together well for me to go. I’m hoping to have lots of amazing stories and anecdotes to share!!! I think the spiritual aspect of that weekend will be just what I was in need of!!

Happy Labor Day

Have you not known? Have you not heard?
The Lord is the everlasting God,
the Creator of the ends of the earth.
He does not faint or grow weary;
his understanding is unsearchable.
He gives power to the faint,
and to him who has no might he increases strength.
Even youths shall faint and be weary,
and young men shall fall exhausted;
but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles;
they shall run and not be weary;
they shall walk and not faint.

Isaiah 40:28-31

PineGrove Picnic

For the sake of the privacy of our Pine Grove Family, I can’t post many pictures of the event b/c I don’t have permission for their faces to be on my blog…not that the traffic is all that public – I would rather be kind and loving and not exploit their association with me without permission! 🙂

BUT…the Colemans were there….and we had a BLAST! From the setting up, to the live music, dunk tank, and games, we were loving every minute of this picnic.

Here is one picture—a tease picture…b/c more will come after I finish editing this evening.

Help At Last

I’ve been praying….

I’ve been praying for some help with some of the projects I’ve been working on…

Here was my answer yesterday!

Mommy's Littlest Bakers

Brenden working hard!

Kaiden Busy Mixing Up Dessert!

Life couldn’t be better with two helpers! I asked for help, they were an answer to my plight. I’m very glad I asked and prayed!!

I’ve Always Dreamt of a ‘Boy In A Box’

During my college years, I would always joke about wanting a ‘boy in a box’. Looking back now I can’t even remember where the crazy idea initiated from but I know that we always would joke about one day finding a boy in a box and likewise the joke continued for quite some time. In my courtship with Joel, my girlfriends would always say things like, guess you found your boy in a box. It was, and will always be, a good joke – an insider joke nonetheless – but one that we all can’t help smiling at.

Well the other day I was playing with my sons downstairs in their playroom. I walked away to the laundry room to switch over some clothing, came back in the room and found my two sons doing this:

I couldn’t help but laugh. And we sure laughed for a while! The more Mommy laughed, the more it happened. This ‘boy in a box’ routine went on for almost 40 minutes that evening! 40 minutes of playing with the same 3 items! It was beautiful.

It just goes to show you – you never know what you are going to get when you ask! I asked for a boy in a box; I ended up with two!

So Be It

Some days it is all about knowing exactly where to hide.

Happy Sunday.

Magic Hour: Summer Reading

I stayed up until almost 1a.m. this morning finishing my FIRST summer book! I know…I know you are thinking I’m probably the slowest reader. It really isn’t that – I haven’t sat down long enough to get into a book and then when I did with this one, I misplaced it in the piles that returned to us after vacation.

So, I started Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah while on vacation to North Carolina. Nothing was more awesome than reading on vacation–except I was doing this all vacation…

So needless to say I was exercising, just not reading!

But this book was phenomenal and I can’t help but wish I was still in the midst of the ‘world’ with Julie, Alice, Elle, Max, and all the locals.

The book starts off with a strange setting and I’m confused but I held on because my mother gave me an awesome little snippit of the story. The characters are so well thought through and I’m sure researched. Kristin Hannah must do a lot of research and specifically on ‘wild children’ for this story. She has developed the character of Alice so well I could sometimes just feel the things she was going through and ‘discovering’. The woven relationships were, in true Kristin Hannah style, beautiful!

The ending. I was ready for the tear-jerker ending. I’m a truly ‘sappy’ woman and was prepared to have a little heartache from the ending of the story and the twists and turns had me going well. I must say, I had to re-read the last few pages about 3 times…it was 1a.m. (and my brain was already shut off) so I was confused on how that happened. But it was worth the read. It tugged my heart, it made me smile and it was just a pleasant read!

Go to your local library today, ask a friend to borrow it, or just purchase the book! I promise, it was a great story.

You Never Know What You Have…

This past week the reality of that statement has become more apparent as I’m facing down the possibility of giving up what I had for something else. I’m not sure I like my options but I know that it will help, so I have to be a team player.

My little boys have been the biggest joy in my life. I have soaked up every single moment these past two days and I can’t imagine what I’d do without those moments to carry me through some tough times. I like when my little Kaiden will turn with the best smile and just dance or come up for a hug every 3-5minutes! Brenden’s kisses and ‘jokes’ make him such a blessing. How did I get so lucky?! I love being with these little blessings and I know that I am never going to forget all this joy they bring me. I can’t let the little moments in life that are challenging distract me from my purpose. God has given me so much and I am not going to take it for granted at all.

While I’m making random posts…

You know, I titled my blog ‘Sew Many Joys’ and not since I started to actually blog about my many adventures have I picked up my sewing machine! hahaha. I’m in a transition – I am trying to finish up my painting/refinishing projects before the weather turns in the fall and I am sure I will be sewing more.

I have some cute Christmas, Birthday and just for fun ideas. I just have to wait for life in the project department to change gears! 🙂 Have you done any cool sewing projects lately? I’m always loving inspiration from others out there.

And the randomness is over today….

My little dog…Madison…often the target of little children harassment!