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Hot Dills….

My good friends from Knoxville make PHENOMENAL hot dill pickles. So I will take the liberty to share my great friends recipe with you! I know you will love it. Surprisingly it isn’t “burn your mouth off hot” or even “buffalo chicken wing hot” it has a really neat flavor! Try it sometime!

Each jar gets:
1 head of dill
1 clove of garlic
1 hot pepper
1 tsp. turmeric
1/4 tsp. alum
and cucumbers

Boil together
1c. water
3c. vinegar
1 c. canning salt
Let it boil for 5 minutes. When finished pour into jars. Place boiled lid on top and close. Pickles will seal together. (I cooled mine with a towel over them until I heard them all pop)

Enjoy! (*Special Thanks to John for his great recipe!)


Nothing Beets Some Fun

I’ve been enjoying all the moments I get to ‘can’ foods! I’ve enjoyed these as a child and thankfully my husband has been so patient and kind as to allow me to gather supplies in the kitchen and often time dirty that place up! So many hours I could tinker in there – making yummy food, finding ways to preserve some and all the while making it a time of fun and enjoyment!

My husband is the best!

99 Bottles Of…

You can only imagine how beautiful it smelled in my house the other day…..
Early we started our day long process of canning the 350lbs of tomatoes, and we never imagined it would be as long of a day as it turned out to be! Not everyone can stand the pressure you know….

Cutting tomatoes…..a lot like factory work…a job that requires you to pay attention but becomes so monotonous rather quickly. Of course one small moment of non-paying attention and soon you have a nice cut on your hand! OOPS!

Four large pots on the stove did the beautiful job of cooking the tomatoes down! The smell made it all worth it! A few spilled over pots made my stove BEAUTIFUL!

You can only work at one job for so long before you wish you could do ANY other job! The grass always seems greener on the other side, eh? I’m not sure it is, but in our case, we sure thought it would be a great idea.

You know, you start with a garage filled with tomatoes….and never think of just how beautiful and delicious that sauce it’ll make will come out to be!

Together, after 14+ hours, we created 78 quarts of tomato sauce! My family and my brother’s family will eat well this winter-don’t you think?!!

Tomatoes, Tomatoes, Tomatoes Everywhere!

The journey begins….with just one

And suddenly they are everywhere…

And tomorrow they will be going here…

All 350lbs of them!